3 Pack Roll-on bundle 2 Bug Away + First aid



It is so good to be outside!

Gear up with these cool roll-ons!

Backpack, sleeping bag, water, pocket knife, weather-appropriate clothing, rain gear, flashlight, what else? 

For summer days of camping or picnic, there is a fair amount of planning involved, and you always want to bring with you all the essential items that will make your outdoor day bliss!

What about repellents? These are essential items to bring along and avoid bothersome pests, like mosquitoes. But many repellents, though effective, use harmful and harsh chemicals that are not good for your skin and body. That’s where our Bug Away formula comes in with this roll-on form factor. 

Formulated with 100% natural ingredients: Citronella grass, Peppermint, Texas Cedarwood, and Sweet-scented geranium, this roll-on is easy to carry and features a stainless steel roller ball for the smoothest application. Our Bug Away blend is the perfect way to prevent mosquitoes, and other pests ruin your summer day! 

We will give you a First Aid roll-on for free with the purchase of two Bug Away roll-on! Why? Because our First Aid roll-on will help speed up healing on minor wounds and scrapes. All with the same portability and soothing application as any of our roll-ons!  

Additionally, we would like to gift you two samples of our Essential Oil towelettes, one Peppermint and the other one Lavender, so you can try the disinfecting and sanitizing power of our new formulas!



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