SOURCING – our EO and EOB (essential oil blend) manufacturer sources from 30 different countries to ensure our customers receive the best quality materials with fewer supply chain interruptions.

How long has your EO manufacturer been around?
They’ve been around over 100 years (longer than any MLM) and have many direct-to-grower relationships that are generations-long and generations-strong.
They travel to the fields throughout the world every year to evaluate & survey the crops and predict market fluctuations, from lavender in Bulgaria to Amyris in Haiti to the oranges in Italy.
Their hands on involvement and grower direct sourcing relationships ensures consistent quality ingredients and products via a more direct supply chain while helping to provide ecological and social sustainability for the farmers.

Are Natural Choice Company Oils and Blends 100% Guaranteed pure Therapeutic Grade?

Yes, they are. Quality is the most important thing for us as we use our essential oils everyday with our children and families. All of our oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade, free from any additives, adulterants, fillers, synthetics, or dilutions.

Why are Natural Choice Company oils less expensive than the MLM brands?

MLM Brands are expensive because they use a system of re-sellers. We don’t have a re-seller program, we are direct-to-consumer.  In fact, we focus on bringing you value by not making you spend money on “fancy” packaging, we focus on quality and your budget.

Are they treated with pesticides?
Our EO manufacturer tests all citrus oil for pesticides. Do they use fertilizers?
Depends on the type of material(s) being grown & COO (country of origin). Do they contain any solvents?
Only concretes, absolutes and resinoids are extracted using solvents. QC
They test all of our products twice using GC Mass Spec & Chiral GC-FID to ensure each oil has the optimal constituents and that our customers get the best quality.
To properly distill an oil, it’s necessary to know the ratio of constituents. They are one of the first to adopt testing using chiral GC, which enables a more comprehensive and further break down of an oil’s individual components.
Using this analysis technology, they are able to verify the authenticity and quality of our oils as part of their quality control/quality assurance procedures. When we say we source the highest quality oils, we have the analysis to prove it. How are the oils extracted from the plants?
Most EO’s are steam distilled.
Citrus oils are cold pressed.
Ylang Ylang is a fractional distillation. Are they synthetically made?
NO An EO is an EO & an EO Blend is made of 100% EOs.
A blend made with AN or synthetic fragrance is a fragrance, not an EO or EOB. Does the grower harvest at optimal time?
Yes. This is one of the things they evaluate & survey yearly with their growers/vendors. Do they contain any actual plants?
Each EO only contain parts of the plant that the oil is derived from. Can I ingest them?
We carry many EO’s that are considered FG (Food Grade) & GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) per US Code cGMP, however, we do not make any specific recommendations around ingestion.

Each item has a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) & Technical Data Sheet (TDS) which advises of any potential hazards & lists whether it is GRAS and/or FG.