Hand Sanitizing Essential Oil Towelette 3 pack Kit – Lavender

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Germs spread most commonly when:

  • We touch our eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
  • We touch a contaminated surface
  • We blow our nose, cough, or sneeze into our hands and then touch other surfaces, people, and objects
  • We eat and drink with unwashed hands

We created a unique sanitizing, hand-protecting towelette, that coats your hands with a protective barrier, like a virtual glove, so you are not in direct contact with any surface!  Sooo Go ahead, feel free to shake everybody’s hand, touch that nasty shopping cart or yucky credit card machine that nobody cleans at the grocery store, touch that tray on the plane, hold that gas pump confidently…. Because…. you are protected! When you go out, if you are afraid your children are going to touch everything at the store or playground, don’t be ….. just protect them with our towelette and let them explore because they are protected!!!

Use our alcohol-free antibacterial towelette for on-the-go hand protection and sanitizing while enjoying the aromatherapy benefits.

The soothing scent of Lavender calms your senses.

Treat yourself to an aromatic experience while protecting yourself from bacteria with our easy-to-use towelette.

Warning: For external use only.

100% Natural Disinfecting Ingredients.


This is how it works… rip the sachet open, take the towelette out, rub it on your hands, put it back inside the sachet (as long as the towelettes is moist, you can reuse it), continue rubbing your hands until dry, once the liquid dries on your hands, you have a virtual glove and your hands are going to feel smooth and conditioned.

And guess what?! The protective barrier does not come off until you wash it off. So, the need to be sanitizing your hands often, it’s gone baby… because…. You are protected!!!

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