I love essential oils. I’m guessing you do too, but like me are looking for better pricing. Most the essential oil companies are amazing! In fact a lot of my friends are passionate about their brands.

The companies have done a great job at building culture and belief.
This has created audiences who are willing to pay more for oils because of a great culture. Don’t get me wrong culture and causes are amazing.
What if you could still be part of something amazing, but pay half the price?
Here is why we started Natural Choice.
1. Essential oil pricing is way marked up.
2. Getting any resemblance of a discount requires a subscription with other companies.
3. Misleading certifications that have no official capacity or backing. In fact they’re made up by the manufacturers.
4. Other companies are MLM focused which ends in credit card debt and frustration in most cases. 

You’ll love Natural Choice and we are so sure that we back our products with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Here is how Natural Choice Company can saving you money buying essential oils.


1. We have sourced 100% pure and natural ingredients ourselves.
2. Same quality as the brands you’ve come to trust.
3. No animal cruelty.
4. No selling required on your part.
5. Best prices guaranteed.
6. No subscription requirements.
7. Free shipping when you purchase $20 or more in products.
8. We are family owned and USA based.
9. We have been holistic focused all our lives.

10. We also offer one time discounts after your checkout!


So all the things you’ve come to love we offer at the best prices and quality available!