Essential Oils have been used in thousands of ways for years. Along with the various ways essential oils can be used for healing properties, they can also be used to add a little joy to your life. You can experiment and create personal blends, as well as share with friends and family! Being new to using Essential Oils can be a bit intimidating, that’s why we recommend trying several different oils for at least 10 days before you decide if you love them or not. This list of 25 ways to use the oils can help give you a starting point on how to use them as well as which ones to use.

  1. TO REDUCE ANXIETY –  The most common way to use Essential oils. Lavender, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and our Tranquility blend are the top oils to reduce your anxiety. You can use them in a diffuser by adding 3-5 drops of oil to water, or our aromatherapy jewelry is great for all-day wear of your favorite anxiety-reducing oil. 
  2. AT HOME SPA – Steam showers are a great way to use Essential oils, they are relaxing as well as help with breathing and circulation. You can create a personal home spa by adding a few drops of oil to each wall in your shower as well as the curtain. Take a hand towel and lightly wet it, add a few drops of oil to the towel and place as close to your head level as possible. Turn the shower on to as hot as it will go to create a nice thick steam, once you have your steam set the shower to your desired temperature and enjoy! Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Peppermint oil are our favorites to try. 
  3. ANTI – ITCH- Have a bug bite or itch that just won’t stop? Try adding 1 drop of Lavender, Tea Tree, and Peppermint oil to a small amount of aloe vera gel. Apply directly to the itchy bite or irritated area, this will soothe the itching as well as reduce redness. Our Bug Away oil blend is great for keeping those pesky bugs away in the first place!
  4. ANTI STOMACH ACHE – Peppermint oil is great for your digestive system. To help ease a stomach ache add a few drops to coconut oil and gently massage onto your stomach where it hurts. You can also try adding a few drops to a warm washcloth and place it on the uncomfortable area.
  5. IMPROVE SLEEP – To help improve your sleep we recommend using either our Baby Bliss oil blend, Lavender oil, or Copaiba oil. These oils aid in sleep and relaxation. You can use the oils by adding 3-5 drops of one of them to your diffuser about 30 minutes before you go to bed. Another great way to use the oils is to add a few drops to coconut oil and massage into your forehead, feet, or chest.
  6. NASAL DECONGESTANT – Inhaling our Breathe Easy blend is great for those clogged sinuses. Diffusing the oil and then inhaling it will help to open up those airways. Peppermint oil is also great for nasal decongestants, as well as helping with a sore throat. 
  7. STRESS RELIEF – If Stress can be a horrible addition to your day, to quickly get rid of stress try using this trick. Diffuse our Tranquility blend for at least 30 minutes breathing deeply to rid yourself of stress. You can also mix a few drops with coconut oil and rub onto your temples or neck. For stress relief on the go try adding the oil to one of our aromatherapy jewelry pieces, just add a few drops and sniff when needed. If you don’t have our Tranquility blend don’t worry, Lavender oil or Bergamot oil is great for stress relief as well. You can use the oil the same way to get the stress relief you need. 
  8. DISINFECTANT-   For a natural way to kill bacteria add 10- 20 drops of our Immunity blend to a spray bottle filled with 1/4th of either which hazel or vinegar and topped up with water. We recommend a 2 oz spray bottle for the best potency. Shake the solution well and get to spraying! 
  9. AIR FRESHENER- To create a wonderful air-freshener you can either add a few drops of the oils to a diffuser or you can add the oil to a spray bottle and spray as needed. We recommend using our Citrus oil blend, Lemon and Tea Tree oil blend. To diffuse add 5-6 drops of each oil, to use as a spray use 7 drops lemon and 5 drops tea tree mixed with 1 cup of distilled water. 
  10. SOOTH MUSCLES – For pain relief from sore muscles Peppermint oil and Copaiba oil are great. They both contain anti-inflammatory properties and are a natural pain reliever. You can mix a few drops of either oil with a little bit of coconut oil and massage into the sore muscles. For a greater pain relief mix both oils with the coconut oil! 
  11. RELIEVE HEADACHES – For quick headache relief try using our Mind Power oil blend. You can mix a few drops with coconut oil and massage into the back of the neck, temples, and forehead for relief. Diffusing the oil for 30 minutes or until you get relief is an effective way to use the oil as well. If you don’t have our Mind Power blend try using Patchouli or Lavender.
  12. ALLERGY RELIEF – Allergies are a seasonal nightmare for some, using essential oils to get relief is a great alternative for over the counter medications for some. Our Breathe Help oil blend, Peppermint oil, and Eucalyptus oil are the go-to oils for allergy relief. You can use the oils in a diffuser or mix with coconut oil and rub on your chest, neck, and under your nose. 
  13. SUNBURN TREATMENT –   Ouch! Everybody hates a sunburn, but with the help of our Baby Bliss oil blend, you may find relief. Mix 3-5 drops with aloe vera or coconut oil and apply directly to the sunburn.
  14. INCREASE ENERGY – Our Mind Power oil blend, Bliss oil blend, Ylang Ylang oil, and Vetiver oil are great for increasing energy and helping with mental focus. Mix a few drops of the oil you choose with coconut oil, inhale then rub onto your temples and neck.  
  15. RELAXING BATH – Fill Nothing beats a relaxing bath after a long day, to get the most out of your bath try adding our Recovery or Refresh oil blends to your bath. You can add as many drops as you would like but we recommend about 5-10 drops. Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Patchouli, and Bergamot oil work great for a relaxing bath as well. For best results try to add the oil to hot water when you start the bath to create aromatherapy steam. You can also add bath salts to help ease sore muscles.
  16. IMPROVE YOUR MOOD, FAST –  Inhale a big whiff straight from the bottle of Lemon or Ylang Ylang oil. You can also try our Bliss oil blend and our Confidence oil blend. Repeat for up to 30 seconds. You’ll feel better instantly!
  17. FRESHEN YOUR TRASH –  Hate your trash can always smelling awful? Try adding 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil and Lemon oil to a cotton ball and put the cotton ball at the bottom of the trash can. Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Oil will disinfect and deodorize, keeping your trash can smelling fresh and clean! You can also use our citrus oil blend and our Immunity oil blend.
  18. FOR LAUNDRY – Getting a stain on your clothing is terrible! sometimes near impossible to get out too, but with the help of Lemon Oil, you may be able to get the stain out. The key is to act quickly after you get the stain. Add 4 drops of Lemon Oil to 6 oz of water. Mix and apply to stains on clothing before washing. Be sure to check the clothes when they come out of the wash to make sure that the stain is all gone. If it is, great! Put it in the dryer as normal. But if a little stain remains, repeat with a few drops of Lemon Oil rub in and rewash before putting it in the dryer.
  19. NAUSEA, MORNING SICKNESS – Peppermint oil is great for helping ease stomach pain as well as nausea. Add a few drops of Peppermint Oil to a cool compress and apply it to your forehead or diffuse around the house to help with nasty scents that may bring on nausea. Lemon and Lavender Oil mixed is also great for diffusing to get rid of bad smells.
  20. COLD AND FLU SEASON – Cold and Flu season is inevitable but you can be prepared and protect yourself by using our Immunity oil blend. You can diffuse the oil to keep yourself healthy or wear it as a natural shield against bacteria. For cold and flu symptoms try using our Breathe Help or our Breathe Easy oil blends. You can diffuse the oils or mix with coconut oil and rub on your chest and neck for relief.
  21. STRETCH MARK TREATMENT – Our Baby Bliss Oil blend is a great way to reduce and prevent stretch marks, you can mix 3-5 drops with coconut oil or aloe vera and apply to the stretch marks until thoroughly rubbed in. Repeat daily and avoid sunlight to the area. Patchouli and Lemon Oil mixed work well also. 
  22. REDUCE SCALP ITCHINESS – Struggle with dandruff or an itchy scalp? Try adding 3-5 drops of Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil or Patchouli Oil to your shampoo in the shower. Rinse off. Repeat until your scalp stops itching.
  23. EASE ACNE – If you struggle with acne, wash your face every morning and evening with unscented soap, and natural essential oils. We recommend Patchouli oil and bergamot oil, Tea Tree oil has been shown to be effective as well. Add 8 drops of oil to your soap before washing shake well and lather.
  24. FRESH BREATH – Add 1 drop of Peppermint oil or Tea Tree oil to half a cup of water, swish in your mouth, and spit to naturally freshen breath.
  25. NATURAL PERFUME – Add 8-10 drops of your favorite oil to 8 oz of distilled water and spray on like perfume. We recommend using Ylang Ylang oil or our Bliss oil blend.