Do you love natural choice company? If you do, I bet your oil collection is growing rapidly. It can make you start to wonder where to store all these oils because your counter space by your diffuser is getting pretty full! We have put together a list of some great ways to store your essential oils.

These are great ways to store your oils without breaking the bank or taking up all your counter space. You may even already have some of the things you need just lying around your house.

Essential oils last the longest when you keep them out of direct sunlight and heat. You can store them in the fridge but away from items as the food could absorb the smell of the oil.

Things to Remember:

  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Store in a cool, dark place
  • Keep tightly closed, to minimize oxygen contact
  • Citrus oils will last about 9-12 months
  • Other oils last around 1-5 years

Shelves and Drawers
One of the more obvious options is to store your oils in a drawer that isn’t used very often. You can put in drawer organizers to keep them all in place and neat, silverware trays are great as well. Shelves are great for storing oils, most people have an odd shelf that isn’t being used, storing oils is a great use for the shelf! Just be cautious that the shelf isn’t in the direct sunlight as this could compromise the oils faster than normal.

Spice racks
A little different option, but a great one! They are great for storing oils because they keep them organized and easy to access. With the revolving organizer and tiered shelves, you can categorize and arrange your oil collection as you please. If you have an old spice rack laying around you could repaint it and make it a whole new addition to your kitchen with a customizable paint job. Just remember to keep it out of the sunlight.

Do you have an overflowing amount of Tupperware? Well using some to store your oils may be the perfect solution. They are great because you can store them anywhere, in a cabinet, under the bed, or in the closet. You can completely customize them by adding in dividers and decorating them. You can store your homemade blends, rollers, and sprays in the Tupperware as well.

Doller Store Items
The dollar store is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to organizing your house. All you need is a little creativity and an eye for finding things. You can use a lipstick or nail polish organizer, the squares are usually the perfect size for your roll on oils or the thinner oil bottles. Small baskets and boxes can always be found at the dollar store for great oil storage. The options are endless for what you can find and use all for $1 or less!

Traveling Storage
Traveling is wonderful but often packing is stressful and takes way longer than we want it to. Make packing a little easier by having your oils all organized and in a travel safe storage bag. You can repurpose a makeup bag, they have lots of pockets for organizing, they can be waterproof so your oils won’t leak on anything else, they are often padded keeping your oils safe from the jostling around your bag experiences while on planes or in cars. If you don’t have a waterproof makeup bag just put your oils in zip lock baggies first to keep everything dry. Remember when traveling by airplane, your bottles need to be 3.4 Ounces or less, so some of those homemade body sprays might be a no-no.