A blissful night with Baby Bliss

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These essential oils can help your children sleep better at night

A good night’s sleep is crucial for everyone, but this is especially true for our children. We know that we need to provide you with natural options that can help you support a better night’s sleep, naturally and safely for your loved ones.

Baby Bliss is a blend of sweet-smelling oils, excellent for mothers and babies, because of its soothing aroma, that helps relax and calm emotions, but it also keeps active little ones in a restful state.

You can diffuse it with your favorite essential oil diffuser, we recommend the beautiful Celeste, a great addition to your kids’ room and they will love the moon and stars pattern!

Warning: Avoid sun exposure for 48 hrs if applied to the skin.

But wait! By buying Baby Bliss roll-on and Essential Oil Blend, we will give you a Nighty Night roll-on as a gift.

Nighty night is meant to help you and your loved ones to get a restful night of sleep. With the combination of our most well-known essential oils for relaxing and relieving stress, this roll-on has been developed to help you get into a relaxed mood. Try it on!



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