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Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) belongs to the mint family. It’s a hybrid between spearmint and watermint. It has a cool, minty, refreshing, sweet aroma. The essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the peppermint plant, and it has a variety of uses. It can be effective in relieving pain and nausea, increasing alertness, and improving memory.

Never use it undiluted because it can cause irritation, especially to those with sensitive skin.

100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil


  • Peppermint Essential Oil may help with:
  • Relieving nausea.
  • Relieving cold symptoms.
  • Easing respiratory problems.
  • Relieving pain.
  • Promoting positive effects on cancer-related treatments.
  • Helping ease herpes infections.
  • Providing comfort for stress and nervous system problems.

What it does for you

Peppermint oil can be found in a variety of forms, and it has a sharp odor that’s cool and refreshing. You may be familiar with the coolness in your mouth after you consume something with a peppermint flavor.

Records of the use of mint plants for medicinal purposes go all the way back to the times of Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. But modern science has been reporting the beneficial health properties of Peppermint oil.


PubMed Central, a highly respected database from the National Institutes of Health, gives us more information about some of the different studies regarding the health benefits of Peppermint and its components:

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